compulsive nature

It was there right there she needed to have it capture it so she locked it in her little box with that satisfying click. It was part of the Earth rooted in the ground so she couldnt harness its physicality but she could save its image in her box her favourite square box with that satisfying click. Wherever she wanted needed it in the frame there she would put it and it would never be able to move because she installed it there permanently and that was where it would be forced to stay not even she could change it or move it. There would only be this opportunity no other chance this was the time and no one could tell her what to do because she was the decider and she alone would choose. 

She realized she had this same power over almost everything and could see things just as she wanted as she knew her little box saw them with all the mistakes that it made but she knew how it saw things and that became the way that she saw things too because it was better than the way that things really looked. So she started using this knowledge to capture all the things she saw that were worth her attention like the atmosphere and the temperature and she felt like she had control.